F ounded in Antalya in 1996, Crystal rapidly expanded to become a Turkish manufacturer leader in professional kitchen equipment.

Our company is structured in three different groups: kitchen equipment, cold rooms and open buffet. Each of these groups has independent, separate management and engineering units.

We place a great emphasis on R&D and the superior quality of our product ranges. Our teams provide fast problem resolution and the ability to establish a high-value image through our partners.

Crystal’s export network comprises more than 85 countries in 5 continents.

Whether you operate a hotel, restaurant, bakery, bar, patisserie, gelateria, cafeteria, school or hospital we have the right product for you.


O ur commitment to quality and sustainable practices has been documented with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, and TSE certificates with the sole aim to provide unconditional customer satisfaction.

To this end, customer requirements are projected and fulfilled in the most effective way.

Our commitment to delivering excellent results and focusing on continuous improvement has made us a market leader beyond Turkish borders. We pride ourselves not only on the products we manufacture and supply but also on the high level of customer service we provide.

Crystal Industrial has established its operation network focusing on flawless production with CNC-based machinery and the dedication of our specialized, dynamic and innovative team of 500 employees based in an area of 130.000 m².


Where the story started – a commitment to pursuing excellence

Crystal Industrial is part of the Kilit Group, one of the biggest hospitality and catering-focused groups in Turkey. It started in 1955 and, almost 65 years later, it expanded to comprise 10 different brands across 5 sectors.

Our success is the result of great planning, effective strategy and a commitment to the pursuit of excellence. Since day one, our consumer-driven marketing philosophy, along with a deep understanding of our customer needs, has been the core of everything we do.


Ramazan Kaynakçı – General Manager